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Expertise and Qualifications


The Legal Practitioner and Director of Myles G Murphy Lawyers Pty Ltd (Incorporated Legal Practice) trading as MGM Solicitors.

Have practiced as a Solicitor since being admitted in 1977 in New Zealand. Immigrated to Australia in 1981 and have had a distinguished career, working with large, medium and small Law Firms.

Built a Legal Group in Brisbane, with three separate Law Practices and two internet Law Practices. This group was sold, prior to my establishment of MGM Solicitors in 2018.

In 2024 I became President of the Management Committee of The Society of Notaries of Queensland.

Hold an LLB from Auckland University and have a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Practice Management from FMRC (University of New England).

Admitted on the following rolls

  • 1977 – Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of NZ
  • 1982 – Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria
  • 1983 – Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland
  • 1984 – An unrestricted Principal’s Practicing Certificate in Queensland
  • 1991 – Commissioner for Oaths and Declarations in the High Court of NZ
  • 1996 – Solicitor of the High Court of Australia
  • 1999 – The College of Notaries in Queensland
  • 1999 – The College of Notaries in Somerset House England

Wills & Estates

  • Executor and Administrator of deceased estates
  • Litigation Representative
  • Advised on foreign wills as endorsed under the Hague Convention
  • Advised on estate planning, jurisdiction, tax, land law and succession law.

Land Law

  • Practised in numerous jurisdictions
  • Acted for developers, Investment and residential home buyers
  • Conveyed industrial, commercial and retail properties
  • Advised on Aged Care, Retirement Villages, and properties under Manufactured Homes Act
  • Acted for Landlords and Tenants in industrial, retail and commercial markets.


  • Acted in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions both hostile and otherwise
  • Acted in many startup ventures from inception through mezzanine to completion
  • Acted for Profit and Nonprofit organisations
  • Assisted companies in the expansion of operations overseas
  • Advised in Corporate and Intergenerational Succession.


First, I’m commercially minded, as evidenced by having built and run a business involving three separate Law Practices and two internet Law Practices.

I am an approachable, open minded and fair person who loves the unusual and the challenging. Yet I am tenacious when it comes to ensuring satisfying outcomes for clients… bullies do not fare well with me.

As a family man concerned with social issues, I have been a member of Lions Club for Ten Years and have acted on nonprofit and charitable organisations. And lastly, I have a vintage car which is my distraction and labour of love.

There is no substitute for a personal conversation