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Myles Gerard Murphy

The more I know, the more effective I can be.

Myles has a verifiable track record of delivering accurate, effective, timely commercial advice over thirty plus years of practice. He is considered by colleagues, business partners and clients as the ‘go to’ professional for guidance, support, and advice.

Experience includes involvement in many unusual and one-off commercial transactions from structuring to development, negotiation drafting and settlement.

Myles is a community-driven family man who counsels clients and community members when they need it most. He has provided long term assistance to the remarkable Developing Foundation, worked with the Lions Club, and is always the first with “What can I do to help?” 

He is passionate about contributing to organisational and business growth through encouraging individuals into peaks of their performance and purpose.


University of Auckland

Bachelor of Laws (Llb)

FMRC Armidale, NSW

Diploma of Practice Management; Advanced Diploma of Practice Management

Practice Accreditations:

Myles is a Notary Public.

A unique public office of trust and fidelity accepted internationally.

Myles was admitted to the Society of Notaries in Queensland (Appointment by the Archbishop of Canterbury through the College of Notaries in England).

This means he has the internationally recognised power and authority to prepare certificates of Australian law, and deeds and other instruments of all kinds, which when authenticated by his signature and official seal renders them acceptable to the judicial or other public authorities in the countries in which they are produced.

In 2024 Myles was elected President of the Society of Notaries Queensland.

There is no substitute for a personal conversation